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Patricia Baley DVM, PhD  Veterinary Acupuncture, Herbal and Food Therapy in the Houston Area

Dr. Baley is a veterinarian licensed in the state of Texas.  We do not need a referral from your veterinarian to see your pet.  However, we are happy to work with your veterinarian in providing the best possible integrative medical care for your pet.

We provide both house/barn call services and clinic visits.   If you are able to bring your animal to the clinic, you will save money, as it is more economical for us to see you at the clinic than at your house or barn.  We know that some patients are not good travelers and are much more comfortable at home, so we are happy to provide that service within a limited area.

For prices, email, text or call us and we'll provide that information.

Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) is very individualized to the patient.  We do not treat specific diseases; we treat the patient and the individual medical problems that cause the disease as well as the disease itself.  

Our first visit may take up to 2 hours, please be prepared to spend some time with us as we get to know your pet.  The first visit includes a detailed consultation about your pet's current and past medical conditions, diet and current symptoms.  As we talk, the doctor will be doing a Traditional Chinese Veterinary medical exam and we will discuss the findings of this with you.  After we make a diagnosis based on TCVM theory, we will treat your pet with acupuncture or laser therapy and may prescribe herbs and a special diet.

Follow up visit frequency will be based on your pet's medical condition and their response to treatment.  Most of these visits only take 30 minutes, although we provide extended exams for patients who need extra time.